Oh So Oblique

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Oh So Oblique
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Product Description

UNDERSTATED Nature inspires a lot of artists. As a designer, Dilshad was one of them. Inspired by the beauty of imperfection of Nature, with asymmetrical cuts like the sea shore, pleats like plateaus and Earthy Palette, Forelsket introduces its first collection: UNDERSTATED. Because when it comes to making good impressions, UNDERSTATED speaks for you. Minimalist. Chic. All you need to win your daily battles. Wash & Care Instruction: Hand Wash Only.

  • Material - Mul Silk
  • Occasion - Casual, Outing

Brand Description

The heart thumping, everything appears to be going on in slow motion, you can’t move, you can’t breathe, you can’t take your eyes off... This is what happens when you see a “Forelsket.” You fall in love! When passion for designing fell in love with the confidence of today’s women, Dils [Read more]

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