Elysian Latte

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Elysian Latte
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Product Description

The elysian pant made in 100% cotton, is a tailored take on a classic style, with a buckle closure and belt, followed by waistband that sits slightly higher than the natural waist. Pleats on waist create a roomy fit at the hip, with side pockets for stashing essentials Wash & Care:- "Gentle hand wash "

  • Material - 100% Cotton Twill
  • Occasion - Day Wear
  • No.of Days - 7 Days

Brand Description

Our garments are made with love and resilience.Dignified style which gives you solace , professional mein and an alluring look that you need. Sustainable and engineered to make you move a step closer to rectitude. Crafted in the beauty of handloom fabric, our workwear line can be carried out from d [Read more]

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