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Your support today will create a better tomorrow for the Artisans and Craftsmen of our Incredible India.

About the Movement

India has lost about 2 million artisans (upto 30% decline) over the last 30 years due to low wages, insufficient livelihood opportunities and newer generations who are not inclined to continue these traditions. Our craft industry, rich with cultural heritage and traditions and one of the reasons behind our “Incredible India” image internationally, has seen a sharp decline over the last few decades. Yet, we have seldom taken any concrete steps to revive this second largest sector after agriculture in rural India.

India is home to about 200 million artisans, yet an average household survives on less than 5000 rupees / month. We at GetNatty recognise the role of artisans and the craft industry and its impact on our economy. Hence, we have decided to initiate a nationwide social movement that is targeted to spread awareness about the importance of artisans and help revive the dying crafts of India. Through this movement, our aim is to celebrate Ajrakh, which is a 5000 year old ancient craft practiced by some 100 families from the Khatri community living in Ajrakhpur and Dhamada villages in Kutch region, and create livelihood opportunities for artisans who solely rely on this traditional art form to generate income and feed their families.

Today people feel that fashion is all about glamour and trends. But in reality it is about the people who work behind the scene to create amazing designs that sets global fashion trends. These people such as the artisans and designers give their blood, sweat and tears to bring an imagination to life.

Hence our objective behind launching this movement is to challenge the status quo and raise awareness amongst people that we need to redefine fashion in a way that encapsulates its very own people who create it. It's high time now that we recognise artisans and craftsmen as the true roots of fashion. And we seek your support for this movement.

Detailed Description

Yes, we know that you are eager to help as well. All you need to do is to sign up and share this movement to spread the word. On every signup, GetNatty will contribute Re 1 to the Ajrakh fund that will be used to generate livelihood opportunities for the artisans. After your signups,

Step 1

We will select 3 GetNatty designers.

Step 2

Print and develop an exclusive Ajrakh collection created by Designers and Artisans together.

Step 3

Launch the collection on GetNatty website.

Step 4

Contribute the profits from sale of this collection towards building a water recycling plant in Ajrakhpur, a project initiated by the local artisan community.

We truly believe that Individually we can make a difference and collectively we will bring change.

Use #RedefineFashion when you share this movement
Stand a chance to win a Traditional Ajrakh Apparel


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We have already contributed INR 5000 to the Ajrakh fund, and we need 25000 more. Sign up to show support for this movement and spread the word by inviting your friends, family and people you know to help us reach our goal.

Add your Voice

7153 Supporters

Your support today will create a better tomorrow for the Artisans and Craftsmen of our Incredible India.